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Nasi Kandar Stall Owner in Kedah Sells Food From Only RM1 So The Underprivileged Can Afford to Eat



Source: Info Sungai Petani & Berita Harian

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While most of us tend not to think too much about buying a meal, it is often worth remembering that there are still those living around us who may not necessarily be able to afford to eat. Urban poverty, which often goes unnoticed, continues to be a mounting problem in many cities including those in Malaysia. In fact, it is estimated that as of 2019, 15% of Malaysians fall at, or under the poverty line.

In which case, businesses like this one nasi kandar stall in Sungai Petani, Kedah, are an absolute Godsend to help mitigate these problems faced by the urban poor. The nasi kandar stall, operated by 43-year-old Sheik Faizal Mohd Ismail, has gained quite a fair bit of media attention after they started selling whole meals to the underprivileged from only RM1.

This incredible initiative was started after Mr Ismail moved his business from Penang all the way to Taman Patani Jaya, Kedah, and noticed that many of his customers hailed from all walks of life, but especially those with a lower income bracket, according to Sin Chew Daily.

“During the MCO, prices of meat and vegetables increased quite significantly. Many people were saying they couldn’t afford to enjoy meat dishes due to the high prices.”

As such, Mr Ismail became motivated to start offering meals that were truly affordable to these individuals, allowing them to enjoy food that was within their budget.

“I started offering more dishes that are priced at only RM1, so that people can enjoy more food at a reasonable price.” he told Berita Harian.

Of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t any compromises made to the portions of food, as Mr Ismail admits that they have had to make sure that the sale of their dishes can still sustain their business. But despite that, they don’t shortchange their customers. Typical nasi kandar dishes are still available for those who can afford to spend more.

While he doesn’t make a generous profit off what he does, Mr Ismail has said that being able to help those who aren’t privileged by allowing them to enjoy hot meals is a reward in itself. His story, which has since gained nationwide attention, has garnered plenty of praise from Malaysians over his generosity.

To Mr Ismail, we wish you nothing but continued success for your humble business, and thank you for your contributions to society! 


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