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Nasi Lemak Bungkus Becomes Fashionable Handbag Created by Hermes Designer



Nasi Lemak Becomes A Handbag In Hermes's Spring Collection - World Of Buzz

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Seriously, looks like angmos cannot get enough of turning very normal Asian things into high fashion.

Before this, there was the market auntie bag by luxury brand Balenciaga, then all of a sudden our Asian home welcome mat also became a handbag

This time it was found that luxury brand, Hermes created a high fashion handbag which very much resembles our nasi lemak!



Source: Mothership

This banana leaf handbag was part of the 2010 spring collection by famous fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

So, it isn’t from the latest collection in fashion, but the pictures became viral after Twitter users came across them.


Source: Monolobig

Jean-Paul is a 64-year-old French haute couture designer. He is best known as the former creative designer for Hermes from 2003 to 2010.

It was in his final year in Hermes when he came up with this leafy idea.


It may be unique, but Malaysians can’t deny the bag’s uncanny resemblance to the very local Malaysian nasi lemak. Some said it reminded them of our delicious banana leaf rice instead.

However, that wasn’t the only design created. Jean-Paul also made a few other bags which looked just like typical leaves you can find in Malaysia!



Source: Pinterest

Yes, we know. Those bags look like they were made out of the fragrant daun pandan and daun kelapa.

Since it’s from Hermes, it’s safe to say that these daun bags are wayyyy above our budget. Who’s kebun got extra and wanna donate to us?

After netizens came across these pictures, they all noted how the banana leaf handbag was similar to the nasi lemak packaging and couldn’t stop making jokes out of it.

“When you’re on your way to an awards night but you’re craving nasi lemak.”

“I mean if I can find nasi lemak inside my bag, it’ll be great.”

Well, it seems like Western fashion designers are really looking into the Asian market for inspiration. Perhaps someone should turn some typical Malaysian item into high fashion before they do! Who knows, maybe it will be the next hottest trend!

And if you’re running low on cash to even buy banana leaf, Yes 4G is giving out RM1,000 every day to the first person who spots their Yes Man. Sounds like good money leh. More info here!


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