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Neighbour Throws Garbage From Balcony in Ampang, Smashes Man’s Windshield



Source: Facebook

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If you’ve ever stayed in an apartment, you’ll understand how annoying it is when things like this happens!

Based on a recent post on FB that went viral, a user, Mazie, by the name of MizzBaby Azrol on Facebook showed pictures of the damage that happened to her brother-in-law’s car windshield on Tuesday (20 November).

Someone from the upper floor of Pangsapuri Taman Industri, Lembah Jaya Ampang allegedly threw their garbage off their balcony, instead of going to the refuse chamber, and it happened to hit the innocent man’s car, causing the windshield to break.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

That’s definitely not a great way to start the morning!

According to Mazia, a neighbour called to tell them about their car. They immediately ran down to take a look. Undeniably, Mazia and her brother-in-law were shocked as to how someone could be so selfish.

“The garbage might have been thrown over the balcony of either the 10th or 11th floor,” she speculates. The plastic of garbage was filled with leftover food, diapers, and even used sanitary pads.

Imagine how much was in the plastic bag that caused such a big impact on the windshield!

She added that this was not the first case to have happened at the apartment here.

Neighbour Throws Garbage From Upstairs, Smashes Innocent Man's Windscreen - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Apparently, another similar case happened at the apartment complex on Wednesday night (21 November) where another neighbour’s car suffered the same fate and had its rear windshield shattered.

With no CCTVs around, she has yet to figure out who the culprit is, even after several police reports have been lodged.

“People with this kind of attitude should stay in the jungle, not a proper home,” Mazie said.

That’s really inconsiderate and not to mention dangerous, especially when heavier items like a fridge or washing machine are thrown out from a high floor. One innocent teen has even died from a similar situation – read the story below. 


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