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Neighbours Complain to Authorities About “Bad Cooking Smell” But Woman Was Only Making Instant Noodles



Neighbours Complain to Authorities About "Bad Cooking Smell" But Woman Was Only Making Instant Noodles - WORLD OF BUZZ
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The kitchen, some would say, is the heart of the home. After all, food is what brings people together and we tend to communicate the most when seated around a dining table kan. Unless you guys anti-social giler and have to play phone when you eat. Don’t do that pls.

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So imagine one Singaporean resident’s surprise when she received a notice from the Housing and Development Board following a complaint issued by her neighbours, which cited that the ‘cooking smell’ from her home had been disruptive!

In a story reported by Oriental Daily, the woman, who lives with her cousin in the HDB unit, received a notice from the HDB authorities who said they wanted to speak to her over the ‘cooking smell’ that was supposed to have emanated from her apartment.

Understandably, this shocked her as she hadn’t expected something so trivial to be an issue among her neighbours, especially when considering the fact that she doesn’t do any ‘heavy’ cooking in the apartment!

Her cousin said: “Funny how we got this notice since she hasn’t been home much last few days & not cooking much ‘cept for Maggie, scrambled eggs.”

The woman, who posted a photo of the complaint form on social media, captioned it by saying:

“Housing & Development Board seriously?? Now we can’t cook in our own homes????? Cooking smell??? So, what’s the point of having a house, when you can’t cook???? Seriously?? We don’t do heavy duty cooking. We rarely cook. So what’s going on?? We can’t cook at home, HDB??? REALLY?!”

But apparently, in a statement released by The Independent Singapore, someone who lodged the complaint had included photos of food that the woman had uploaded over social media, citing her catering business to be the cause of the smell.

While she admits that she does operate a catering business, the cooking does not in fact happen in the apartment itself, and that they are also completely licensed to run their business.

Whatever the case may be, we hope that this woman manages to clear up all the misunderstandings with her neighbours! 


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