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Netizen Asks Social Media For Help To Identify Owner Behind Heartbroken RM20 Note



Netizen Asking Social Media For Help To Identify Owner Behind Heartbreaking RM20 Note - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

After the story of one RM10 note concludes, now another one emerges. And this time, it’s double the value, because it’s an RM20 note, with another heartbreaking, love-lorn message written on it. If you’ve not been caught up to speed with the previous story, here are the links to the RM10 note, and the story behind it. Yes, we love you guys too.

As for this latest cold case, netizen Ya Xuann uploaded photos of an RM20 note that she had recently found, which had a very love-struck message written all over it. Posting it on a popular Facebook group, she captioned it by saying:

“I want to ask which Lily/Eddy is willing to take a new RM20 to change with me?”

Source: Facebook

As for the message written on the note itself, it appears to be written by a man named Eddy Yip to his wife, Lily Tan. And from the way that it was written, it sounds like the couple had been going through some marital troubles.

“To Lily Tan, my wife.

There will only ever be one woman in my life. I will only love you.

From Eddy Yip, your husband.”

Source: Facebook

On the back of the note, another heartwrenching message was written:

“This is my promise to you.


Source: Facebook

As you can expect, netizens who saw the post have already been trying to identify who exactly it is this Eddy Yip or his wife, Lily Tan. At the time this article was written, neither of them has been found so if you know who they are, do chime in! You may find the original Facebook post here.

As this story still remains pretty unknown at this point, we hope that our local Internet sleuths will be able to uncover the tale behind this one soon! 


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