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Netizen Says OK to Kill Penang DAP Rep as She’s a Traitor of Islam with Halal Blood



Source: Just Read Online

Having access to social media is a privilege but sometimes, the public platform can be misused by irresponsible people who choose to spread hate and negativity through it. Just like these people who have chosen to abuse social media by sending death threats to a DAP (Democratic Action Party) rep.

According to The Malay Mail, the threats on Facebook began when an old disturbing poster urging to kill Seri Delima assemblyman Syerleena Abdul Rashid went viral since 13 July 2018. 

Here’s the poster’s translation: “Her blood is halal, it is not a sin to kill her, she is a traitor of Islam.” Bruh isn’t that a little too extreme?! 

This poster reportedly went viral last year (2017) but it resurfaced again after a netizen shared it and asked for more explanation. Thus, granting the netizen’s request, another commenter confirmed that the “information” provided in the poster was true.

He wrote,

“True, and very true. I am on standby, just waiting for the siren to go off. Once it rings, it’s on.”

What siren is he talking about? 

Source: Roketkini

The old defamatory poster of her which stated that she would attack the Islam institution, especially Jakim, for DAP was bogus as Syerleena confirmed that she had never made such absurd statements. She also requested for people to stop spreading fake news.

She was quoted as saying,

“If anyone is unhappy with me, they can come to me and I am open to criticism, that is what we call mature politics. When will they stop spreading lies and threatening me?”

Despite the chilling death threats, this steel woman isn’t afraid and has lodged a police report over the issue. She then said she’ll be more careful about her personal safety.

“I will continue to serve the people. Such threats have never stopped me but in fact gave me the strength to continue serving as an assemblyman,” she said.

That’s the spirit, girl!  

She hopes that the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will get to the bottom of this quickly. We hope so too!

On the other hand, Syerleena believes that this threat came about after she lodged a police report over another death threat she received last week. If you didn’t know, last week, Syerleena received a (handwritten) death note which said “death awaits you” at her service centre in Island Glades, Penang. That’s scary! 

Hopefully, the police will look into Syerleena’s reports and take serious action on those who have sent death threats to her because threatening to kill someone is a big no-no.

That said, we should also remember to always use social media responsibly and not abuse it by spreading hate. Stay positive instead, peeps! 


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