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Netizen Shares The 9 MUST BUY Tesco Brand Products That Are Truly Worth Your Ringgit!



Source: @haipatenggg

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When you go to the supermarket, chances are you won’t really think much about store brands, or what people call ‘generic brands’. You know lah, the ones that are sold by the supermarket themselves at cheaper prices that are usually ignored. But, wait a second. Did you know that these products can actually be surprisingly really, really good?

No kidding! According to netizen @haipatenggg, these 11 tried and tested Tesco store-brand products are not only affordable, but taste and work really well too! So what should you get your hands on the next time you’re in Tesco?


1. Tesco Shower Gel

According to the netizen, the Tesco branded shower gels, especially in the red berries and tropical scents, are an almost one-to-one dupe for the urm… you know the other very popular brand that sells shampoo gels and soaps. Best thing is, they only cost RM5 per bottle!


2. Baby shower gel

While many of us are splurging plenty of our money to keep our kids safe and squeaky clean, you can do the same by buying Tesco’s baby shower gel at only RM9.99 per bottle! Not only is it totally safe for young children, it smells good too.


3. Potato chips

Who doesn’t like a good tasty bag of potato chips? And if you’re a potato chip fan, you know how expensive some of the nicer, tastier imported brands can be. But have no fear! Tesco’s RM1.99 potato chips are almost just as good, and are also pretty damn addictive!


4. Food seasoning

To add a little extra oomph into your food, food seasoning is a popular companion to have in many kitchens. But for only RM3.99, you can get a pretty huge pack of the stuff to last you well into three months! And yes, they do work wonders for your dishes.


5. Roti pratha & roti samosa

A good, delicious piece of roti for breakfast is possibly the easiest way to fill up on the go. And for those of you who enjoy both the food and the convenience, Tesco’s frozen packed roti pratha and roti samosa offers a cheap and yummy way to whip up a meal without much effort! Only RM4.23 and RM5.99 respectively.


6. Hot & spicy chicken drummets and mid-wings

But if you crave for something more substantial, there’s always the freeze packed chicken that you can count on for a heavier meal! While netizen @haipatenggg mentions that they’re not the spiciest, they definitely make up for it by being both tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. RM13.99 only!


7. Shoestring fries

If you’ve had a good french fry, then you know the difference between each brand of frozen pack french fries will have. But according to @haipatenggg, one huge bag of Tesco’s shoestring cut french fries costs only RM5.99, and taste just as good if you pop them in the air fryer for about 10 minutes!


8. Chicken nuggets

Whether if its tempura chicken nuggets, or the Malaysian staple golden-crumb chicken nuggets, Tesco has you both covered. Juicy and tender to the bite, each bag only costs RM11.99 and RM8.99 respectively!


9. Tom Yum flavoured instant noodles 

Another Malaysian kitchen staple, instant noodles that go from zero to hero with only hot water have been a lifesaver for many adults and students pressed for time. With 10 packs per package, Tesco’s Tom Yum flavoured instant noodles come highly recommended!


10. Clothes

Yes, you heard right, pants. If you’re not the type to care about brands, Tesco’s own line of clothing has proven to be wildly practical, while also durable and fashionable at the same time. @haipatenggg shares how she only got hers for RM39.90 and RM54.90 respectively.

So how many of you guys are already noting down what you want to grab from Tesco with this shopping list in hand? 


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Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg
Source: @haipatenggg

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