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Netizens Criticise M’sian For Complaining That A Famous Chicken Eatery No Longer Offers A Vegetarian Option



Source: Facebook / Healthline

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We know that most vegetarians and vegans face some issues when it comes to eating out in Malaysia given their dietary restrictions – where most of us who are non-vegetarians/vegans do not fully understand the struggle they face living among ‘meat-loving’ Malaysians.

But more often than not, we would encounter someone who gets extremely annoyed at not getting what they want and at that time, retaliation is definitely on the menu.

One netizen did just that.

Taking to social media, one netizen took it upon himself to complain about the unavailability of vegetarian options – at a famous restaurant chain that specialises in chicken meals.

“NO MORE VEGETARIAN OPTIONS! It used to be one of my favourites but just found out (restaurant) has removed their vegetarian menu!”

“Such a stupid thing to do when the whole world is going for healthier options.”

One netizen complaining about the post has recently gone viral with her rant on the man’s evidently unfounded complaint.

“HELLO MR. Do you go to a restaurant that specializes in chicken and is pissed they took out the vegetarian menu? What if I go to a vegetarian shop and gets pissed because they don’t serve meat?”

“How about going to a Muslim eatery and get angry when they don’t serve pork. Or going to a non-Halal restaurant and gets pissed they serve pork. Don’t you go to Indian eateries and demand for them to serve beef?”

Thousands were able to relate with the netizen stating that the man’s claims were unfounded.

One even lamented as to why new-gen vegans are now overly sensitive on the littlest of things.

“Why are these new-gen type of vegans very a**l ah? Back then the aunty next door was very chilled about being vegan.”

“Nowadays they go protesting and all. I feel as though there is a need to shove cheeseburgers in their faces.”


While many are indeed against the man for making an issue over the change in menu, there are however some who have stepped up to the plate and defended his rant.

“I think it is reasonable to demand a vegetarian option at a large restaurant chain.”

The restaurant in question, has commented on the incident since on the absence of their vegetarian option.

Love, peace and 🥦🥗🌶️🍗

Posted by Nando's on Khamis, 23 Julai 2020

Despite the amount of complaining Malaysians have for the man, many understand that this is a one-time thing and this does not apply to other vegans or vegetarians out there.

Let’s hope that this is a lesson for all to exercise a bit of caution before going on to social media to vent their frustrations. Also, before you vent, it’s best to get all your facts right.


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