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Netizens Have Been Flashing Their Underpants On Social Media, Here’s Why



Netizens Have Been Posting Pictures of Underpants On Social Media, Here's Why - World Of Buzz
Source: Kazuki932388261 and Mainitilovelive

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Each of the 365 days in a year is dedicated to some kind of special celebration all around the world. Some are celebrated internationally while others only nationally.

In Japan, August 2nd is a very special day because it’s Underpants Day!

Source: Houtaru_LL

According to Rocketnews24, the Japanese call it ‘Pantsu no Hi’ and since ‘Pa’ is an alternate term of ‘Ha’, which means 8, while 2 sounds like ‘tsu’, the date is set to August 2nd every year. 

To celebrate this rather special and somewhat inappropriate day, people from the kinky country did it in the best possible way – by flashing their underwear.

The first person to show off her panties was none other than Japanese cosplayer, Yukoream. Apparently, this isn’t the first time the pretty lady has showed off her knickers as she has done so multiple times in skimpy costumes.

Source: Yukotin36

Nagi Nemoto, an idol girl from the group Niji No Conquistador wasn’t shy either as she posted her own photos on Twitter.

Source: Nemoto_nagi

Even the AV actress Maria Aine joined in the fun as she showed off her white cotton panties while dressed in a Minnie Mouse outfit.

Then, artists also wanted to follow suit in showing off underwear but instead of exposing their own, they drew some pretty adorable, lewd or funny pictures.

Some artists just shared excerpts from their own anime or manga.

Source: 47AgD


Source: Ushiotoko

Source: Houtaru_LL

On top of all those ‘people’ flashing their panties, even animals and objects were showing off their undergarments (or at least, what looks like underwear).

Source: L_BlackCat

Source: KiraMame

Well, seeing that all this took place in Japan, the kinkiest land on earth where tentacle porn is part of the norm, nothing is so surprising anymore, is it?

Would you share photos of your underpants when the celebration takes place again next year? 


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