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Netizens in Shock at M’sian Beauty Brand CEO’s Pill Intake



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It is common knowledge that any form of medication you take will require supervision from healthcare professionals.

With many forms of medication today, passing themselves as a traditional alternative, a majority of consumers especially those looking to slim down, achieve fair skin or maintain overall health, have sought to self medicate themselves instead of seeking professional attention.

To see just how bad the trend to pop ‘traditional’ medication and pills have become, the CEO of a local cosmetics and weight-loss product company showed off her pill-popping regime to the horror of the Malaysian public and a certain Dr Rafidah Abdullah.

In the video, the CEO can be seen showcasing the public on how to consume her barrage of pills, taking handfuls of the pills she had and popping them into her mouth before downing them with soda.

The ingestion of medicine, however, did not end there as the CEO took a seat and began ingesting another round of medicine.

Taking to Twitter, @rafidah72, a Nephrologist with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, mentioned how dangerous the practice may be.

“As a doctor, I can only pray that her internal organs are not made to bear the side effects.”

Netizens commenting on the video were also horrified at the number of pills she took just for the sake of achieving the impossible.

One netizen tweeted, “Here is how hard her digestive system will work digesting all those pills.”

The CEO in question is not one who would shy away from controversy as she is known for her aggressive promotion of her products.

Let’s hope that the Ministry of Health or the authorities will take action from such aggressive marketing, not to stop her business entirely but make the public more aware of the dangers that come with unsupervised ingestion of traditional medical products.


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