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New AG Promises to Improve His BM, Encourages Free Speech And Criticism



Tommy Thomas Promises to Brush Up His BM, Welcomes Criticism From Anyone on - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Free Malaysia Today

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It was a good day for all Malaysians when the Agong gave his consent to appoint Tommy Thomas as our new Attorney-General. Tommy has not started any reforms just yet, but has made a few promises that he will prioritise once he starts work.

Yesterday (June 6), he made another promise, and that is to brush up on his Bahasa Malaysia, the national language. He said that he has not been using Bahasa Malaysia as much as he should because he has been in the private service for the past 42 years.

“I am afraid I have to brush it up … I really have to brush it up,” he said to the press on his first day at work as attorney-general at Presint 4, according to Free Malaysia Today.

“The trouble with private practice, which I have been in for 42 years, is that I was dealing basically with commercial clients and commercial documents and I have neglected my Bahasa (Malaysia). I promise to brush it up,” he explained.

Source: FMT

He arrived at the Attorney-General’s Chambers around 1.30pm yesterday in a black suit and a red tie, and was welcomed by other colleagues.

The reporters present there had asked him why he had taken up this job, he responded by saying that it was part of “national service”.

“When the call was made, I was thrilled and honoured. I will try to carry out reforms. Someone has to direct the reform of laws as part of a reforming government.”

“Our mantra is reforming the AGC to assist the prime minister elected by the people four weeks ago,” he said.

“We are planning to reform 60 years’ of laws. It will be a long process. We are expecting cooperation from all, particularly the Bar, NGOs and the public.” After that, he added that his last day in office would be on June 3, 2020.

Source: FMT

According to Free Malaysia Today, Tommy Thomas also added that he welcomes criticism from anyone, saying that it is all part of free speech.

“If you value free speech, then you must practise free speech, and free speech means everybody can criticise you.”

“So I am happy for everybody to criticise me, it’s part of free speech. In fact, I would rather listen to criticism than praise and good things. So absolutely no problem,” he said.

He then urged the people to carry on and said that they must criticise if they value free speech.

We are so glad that our new AG wants to be transparent and welcomes criticism. We’re rooting for you Tommy!


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