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“Nobody has done it for me” M’sian Orders Birthday Bouquet For Himself As He Never Received One Before



Source: Provided to WOB & Anna Vander Stel|Unsplash

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It’s all about self-love this 2021 amirite?

As you get older, birthdays lose their relevance as no one really expects a fuss to be made anymore. But some people love the fuss and what do you do when no one makes a fuss for your birthday? Make one yourself of course!

Facebook user Tamil Arasan Veeran posted his predicament of an online bouquet seller being surprised when he ordered a birthday bouquet for himself on his birthday on 13 March.

Tamil: I’m okay with package B, you can prepare that. Make sure the bouquet looks nice, please.

Bouquet Seller: Don’t worry, there won’t be anything lacking in my service. Can you please send what birthday wish would you want me to write on the bouquet?

Tamil: You can write whatever you want. Just imagine if you’re sending the wish to your best friend or someone you really like, you can write whatever you would write then.

Bouquet Seller: I will do that, can you please send me your address?

Tamil: It’s my house address.

Bouquet Seller: Oh, whose birthday is it in your house?

Tamil: It’s my birthday!

Bouquet Seller: Are you serious? Don’t make jokes!

Tamil: It’s seriously for me. I’m asking you to deliver me the bouquet for my birthday as a surprise.

Bouquet Seller: Whatttt, why are you ordering like this? This is the first time I’m getting such an order.

Tamil: No one has ever given me a surprise for my birthday like this and no one is probably ever going to do it. So I decided to order one for myself. Can you complete the order?

Bouquet Seller: I’ll do it, don’t worry. But I’m not sure if I should laugh at you or feel sorry for you however, right now, I just can’t stop laughing.

Tamil: Just laugh… Love is the only one orphaned. Please don’t forget the surprise delivery and also make sure to add the Jack Daniels.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Tamil said he has always noticed people on social media receiving bouquets from their loved ones for their birthdays but he has never received any such bouquets before.

“So I thought, since I have the money, I’ll just order one for myself to get the experience.”

Tamil who celebrated his birthday on 13 March shared a picture with us of him receiving his bouquet and he seems to be pretty satisfied with his ‘surprise’.

Kudos to Tamil for showing that it’s okay to TREAT YOURSELF every once in a while. I mean, we’re living through a pandemic, isn’t this the best time for some self-love?


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