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NZ Holds Massive Outdoor Concert With No Face Masks & Physical Distancing After Being Covid-Free!



Source: SIX60

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Now that the pandemic has taken over our lives, we can hardly remember how it used to be before Covid-19 hit. Long gone are the days where we were free to wander mask-less and stand as close as we wanted to anybody (not that that was something we all went around doing).

Fortunately, for New Zealand, they’re now free to stand as close to anyone as they please after the country went on for two months without any local cases, as reported by Narcity. In celebration with Covid-free living, they recently held a live concert attended by around 20,000 people.

Kiwi band, SIX60 kicked off their six-show country-wide tour in Waitangi, marking one of the biggest single gigs since the pandemic began.

Attendees of the outdoor show came into close contact with one another as they stood shoulder to shoulder, with not a single mask in sight. As according to NME, they didn’t have to follow social distancing guidelines as the country has successfully contained the virus, with fewer than 80 active ongoing cases.

Prior to the concert, New Zealand has been able to safely hold large-scaled, non-physical distanced events since the end of last year, where they held multiple New Year’s Eve festivals with crowds of up to 20,000 people.

Their discipline in curbing the virus was a team effort between the authorities and the community, which resulted in such success that they’re now free to live life as before Covid-19. They’ve proven that Covid-19 can be curbed.

With the right initiative and cooperation, we can too. A little self-control and suffering can go a long way towards restoring our livelihoods and lifestyles.

So, wear a face mask when you go out and avoid crowds at all costs, so that hopefully, in the future, we too will no longer need to wear face masks and miss the good ol’ days.

Together, we can all be livin’ la vida no Covid.

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Source: SIX60
Source: SIX60
Source: SIX60

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