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Offline to Online: Here’s How This eCommerce Platform Is Helping M’sian Businesses Grow Despite CMCO



Source: Myriam Jessier & Squarelet

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In recent times parallel to the rise in usage of technological appliances and the Internet, sales in online retail and eCommerce within the country has increased and is forecasted to reach US$11 billion (US$1=RM4.15) in 2025 as consumers shift towards digitalization and more convenient methods of purchase and payment. With the restriction of movement due to COVID-19 taken into consideration, entrepreneurs and owners of brick and mortar businesses are looking for new ways to maintain livelihood as lockdown and social distancing measures are enforced nationwide. E-Commerce platforms are therefore favoured for businesses intending to shift online from brick and mortar positioning Squarelet as a viable outlet, with 8 years of experience in the eCommerce industry.

An experienced player in the field, Squarelet is an eCommerce platform aimed at entrepreneurs in search of an online space to run their business. Founded in 2012, the team behind Squarelet boasts of more than 60 years of experience in the industry combined – making them experts of the eCommerce realm. They draw a definitive focus on being the one-stop platform for business founders inclusive of stockists, agents and dropshippers looking to launch or shift their businesses online. As a whole, Squarelet prides themselves for being one of the most comprehensive platforms in the market, covering all aspects of running one’s business inclusive of operation, fulfilment, management and monitoring.


Utilising Big Data To Increase Optimisation for Businesses

One of the main features that set them apart is their ability to collect and leverage big data from the operations of the business founders’ online shops. Their system fully collects and integrates data regarding:

  • Day-to-day fulfilment activities
  • Resellers’ (agents, stockists and dropshippers) purchase patterns
  • Products’ stock level
  • Sales growth
  • Shop visits, among other important statistics.

The business founder can then use this confidential data to generate analytical reports that will help them make strategic decisions for their businesses. Big data when utilised correctly can serve as an extremely informative tool in the eCommerce industry and that is an expertise that Squarelet sustains in their aim to help their customers within their ecosystem on their platform track inventory, sales and customers.


Robust and Automated Reseller Management System

Another focal point for Squarelet is their robust reseller management system that allows automatic management of a large number of resellers at any given time. Through the various functions available on the fully automated Squarelet platform, all of the business founders, stockists, agents and dropshippers are able to effectively manage sales at the tip of their fingers.

In addition to this, Squarelet has also prepared over 150 step-by-step training videos, produced in-house, to guide founders and resellers alike as they upskill in the eCommerce industry, easing the process of digitalisation for their customers. Squarelet is also the first of its kind to uphold a monthly subscription to their services, allowing founders and resellers more financial leeway.


Detailed and Dedicated to Customer Servicing

Besides their top-notch system, the people behind Squarelet work very closely with all of the founders and resellers subscribed to their platform, thus establishing great relationships through their emphasis on customer care. With half of the team dedicated to serving customers, Squarelet is known for their exceptional customer service- making sure that they are always available to listen and consult on the best practices in eCommerce according to their customers’ and merchants’ requirements with one-on-one onboarding and training sessions.

Good rapport is ensured between Squarelet and all of their customers, serving true to their main priority of both customer profit and comfort. One of their long-term customers, Ernayanee Nur Julaimi who owns De’Xandra, a local perfume brand has been using the platform since 2013 and effectively grew her brand and product sales through Squarelet. De’Xandra now has over 80 stockists on the platform who have each noted growth in sales from five to seven figures monthly since they started signing up with Squarelet.


In terms of qualifications, Squarelet is also recognized by MDEC as a Technology Solution Provider and any of their customers will be able to apply for an SME Business Digitalisation Grant with guidance from the Squarelet team themselves. All in all, Squarelet hopes to put at ease the minds of entrepreneurs and business founders alike during their process of switching from a brick and mortar business to an online platform through their all-inclusive eCommerce site.

For budding entrepreneurs looking to grow your brand online, sign up with Squarelet now and receive a waiver for the first 15 days of service at their website squarelet.com!


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Source: Squarelet
Source: Squarelet
Source: Squarelet
Source: Squarelet

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