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OKU Boy Gets Slapped for ‘Stealing’ But He Was Only Asking for Donations, Netizens Outraged



Source: Twitter

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According to a viral tweet that has garnered over 14,000 retweets, a 17-year-old boy was assaulted while he was innocently collecting donations for the mosque. The boy was slapped across the face by an older man who suspected him of stealing money for himself. 

The incident happened at Masjid Al-Faizin in Kepong.

Source: Twitter

The boy’s cousin, who posted the tweet, was outraged when he heard what had happened. He wrote,

“Guys, this uncle is so rude. Look at what he did to my cousin. And why are the others just staring and laughing at him? It’s so damn stupid releasing your anger at an innocent boy. You’re lucky I was not there!”

“Can you imagine him crying while he cycles back home? He called my cousin ‘bodoh’, ‘babi’, ‘binatang’, ‘sial’ and ‘cilaka’. You don’t deserve to be human. You’re the devil.”

He also tweeted that although his cousin has a low IQ and is mentally disabled (OKU), there was no way that he would steal money from someone. 

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

After the tweet went viral overnight, netizens expressed how outraged they were at the older man’s actions. Many pointed out that although he was in a mosque, his violent actions did not reflect their religious views.


Source: Twitter

Here’s a translation of the tweets:

“I’m sorry to say but what is the point of praying and going to the mosque if you’re going to behave like an animal.”

“You should send him to the hospital and lodge a police report. Don’t hesitate to do so. Let him have a criminal record.”

“If that uncle did that to my younger brother, I’m sorry to say but he’s going to get a beating from me.”

We’re very sorry that the boy had to go through that despite not doing anything wrong. We hope that this kind of violent incidents won’t happen again in our country.


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