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OKU Teen Violently Bullied by Two Boys in JB Playground, Gets Phone and Money Stolen



Disabled Boy Bullied at Playground and Robbed of His Phone and Money in Johor - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Looks like the garbage truck forgot to pick these bullies up at the playground.

Just yesterday (14 March), an infuriating video was uploaded by Nur Izzara on Facebook showing a disabled teen being bullied and robbed at a playground in Johor.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Nur Izzara wrote,

“A disabled teen (OKU) named Mohd Nor Akmal was bullied at the playground in Taman Sri Kluang in Kluang. His smartphone (Samsung Galaxy J2) and pocket money in his red bag was robbed as well!”

Based on the 30-second video, the teen with special needs was cornered by two bullies beside a slide. One was holding a tree branch and nudging him while the other bully was recording the incident.

Both bullies were clearly enjoying their time as the recorder burst out laughing when the helpless teen tried to defend himself. The frightened teen even almost vomited after he was pushed in the neck.

Here’s the video.

Apparently, after the incident, one of the bullies sent the video to his friends on WhatsApp with the caption referring to the disabled teen as sial punya jantan (what a dumbass!).

Source: Facebook

Nur Izzara also identified one of the bullies who goes by Ehh Aboyy Larh on Facebook, but he has since deactivated his account following the viral video.

Netizens were enraged after watching the video with many wanting to teach the bullies a lesson.

“If I were there, I would’ve bash up the bullies. This kind of bullies need to learn their lesson the hard way,” a netizen said.

“In my mind, the bullies are the real OKU here. They have some sort of disability in their brain,” another Facebook user commented.

Besides, many netizens were also seen tagging PDRM in the comment section in hopes that the authorities would intervene. According to a Facebook group, the bullies have been detained at the Kluang District Police Headquarters.

Source: Facebook

If the update is true, then great job to our abang polis for being efficient!

Since the bullies have the heart to rob the disabled teen’s phone and money, we hope they’ll get a heavier punishment instead of just being let off with a verbal warning. To be honest, they asked for it! 


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