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Old Aunty Travels 214km With Crackers for Her Children, But is Disowned and Cast Away Instead



Source: Facebook

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Mothers could possibly be the only people in the world who would sacrifice anything and everything for their children. Yet, there are children in the world who could discard their mothers as though they meant nothing.

Yuni Rusmini took to her Facebook page to share a very sad video of a mother who had found her way to roadside stall in Bali with tears in her eyes. When asked by the concerned customers of the stall as to why she was crying, she had informed them that she had travelled all the way from Kota Jember in East Java, Indonesia to visit her children who were staying in Bali, but when she had arrived at their house, they had turned her away while refusing to admit that she was their mother.

Astagfirullohalladzim 😢 😢JAUH JAUH INGIN BERTEMU ANAK, MALAH DI USIR.Kasihan Mbah ini, jauh jauh dari Kota Jember datang ke Bali untuk menemui anaknya, karena si mbah merasa kangen. Tapi setelah bertemu anaknya malah beliau mendapat perlakuan yang tidak baik.Padahal beliau membawa oleh-oleh kerupuk di dalam kardus, belum genap hitungan jam beliau memutuskan untuk pulang lagi ke Jember.Beliau datang ke Bali pun bukan untuk niat meminta minta, hanya kangen dengan anak kandung nya.Akhirnya beliau singgah di tempat makan dan mengeluarkan unek-unek nya.Sehat selalu ya mbah, makasih juga buat sodara sodara yg ada di warung ini malah baiknya melebihi anak nya, semoga rezekinya berlimpah untuk kalian semua.Oh iya supir Bis Majoe Berlian juga membantu si Mbah karena kasihan.#Noted terkadang hidup ini sodara kayak orang lain, orang lain malah memperlakukan kita seperti sodara.#yunirusmini fb#yukz bila ketemu dimanapun lansia dan siapapun perlakukan lansia seperti keluarga kita , biar disisa umurnya bisa tersenyum 🙏🙏🙏

Posted by Yuni Rusmini on Monday, September 9, 2019

Yuni wrote, “She came from so far away to visit her kids, but she was cast out. Poor lady, she came from Kota Jember all the way to Bali to visit her kids whom she misses dearly. But instead she was greeted with such terrible behaviour. She had even brought along crackers as a souvenir, yet not even in a matter of hours she had decided to head back. It’s not like she came to Bali to ask for anything, only because she missed her children.

Eventually, the mother had stumbled upon the stall, where the friendly patrons comforted her as she ranted about her heartbreak. She could be seen wiping away her tears as she confided in the customers at the stall.

She then could be seen walking away as the video ends.

We hope she managed to get home safely, though we know nothing can soothe the broken heart of a mother after her children hurt her so badly. How cruel can you be to treat your mother that way?

Ayundaa’s posting has since garnered 240 shares.

Be grateful for your mothers, kids. 


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