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Our Kuala Lumpur Is Ranked As The 8th Best City In The World For Newlyweds!



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As newlyweds, couples will need to take up lots of responsibilities together and that includes looking for a home and making sure that it is sustainable for them to start a life with each other. Some couples might want to start afresh in a new place, a new country.

Lucky for you newlyweds, a study was done by UK-based jewellery store Purely Diamonds to see which are the best cities for you guys to consider, based on the elements that are the most important to newly married couples.

They said,

“Taking a list of the 34 most-visited cities around the world, we scored each city based on Average Rent, Utilities (including 60mbps Internet), Safety, Climate, Pollution, Essentials (Bread, Milk, Eggs), Transport (per person), Green Space, Culture (Museums, Cinemas, and Restaurants), Job Opportunities. “

This is the overall results and the lower the score given, the better it is!

Prague tops the list as the best place for newlywed couples. The city scored highly on the number of green spaces, the cost of transport and the number of cultural activities on offer. On the other hand, the lowest-scoring cities were Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Osaka. Whilst these cities had the most job opportunities and paid the highest salaries, they also had very expensive commutes, very few green spaces, and sky-high rents.

In regards to cheap rent, Ho Chi Minh City came out on top with only £347.36 (RM1,900) for a three-bedroom apartment while Kuala Lumpur ranks at 8th place with £850.43 (RM4,650).

On the other hand, the world’s most expensive rent is in New York City where it costs £4,817.72 (RM26,346) for a three-bedroom apartment. Our neighbour across the causeway (Singapore) is in 6th place with rent costing £2,827.36 (RM15,461).

Malaysia also ranks 8th for the world cheapest commute as it only costs £19.48 (RM106) for a monthly pass. Mumbai tops the list with a monthly pass for £4 (RM22).

In terms of earning potential, Tokyo, Shanghai and Guangzhou are at the top of the list but if you’re more about flexible hours and working from home, then Berlin, Dubai and Amsterdam is the place to go.

David Allen from Purely Diamonds said,

“You will probably look for many of the same qualities in a city as you do in a spouse; it makes you feel safe, it’s fun to be around, and it’s easy on the eyes. More importantly, you want a city that’s a good fit for your lifestyle.”

Which city would you want to move to if given the chance? Let us know in the comments!


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Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

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