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Over 1,000 Malaysians Sign Up To Plant Trees At Broga After Raging Fire Destroys Terrain



Source: Twitter & Twitter

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So many netizens rushed to be a part of the Healing Broga 2.0 campaign that registration had to be closed within 24 hours of its debut on social media!

Two days ago, news that Broga was on fire circulated all over social media, with concerned netizens warning the public to stay safe while the necessary authorities took charge of the situation.

Thankfully after four hours of combating flames, our firefighters managed to completely extinguish the raging fires.

However, the aftermath was not a pretty sight. Fortunately, Twitter user, Aqil, made use of the attention Broga was getting to raise awareness and invite people for Team Selangor’s Healing Broga 2.0 event that will take place this Saturday!

Aqil told WORLD OF BUZZ that Team Selangor had designed an environmental campaign to plant trees and clean the rubbish of Broga hill a whole month before the forest fires even took place.

He also said that the programme, known as Healing Broga 2.0, had just started being publicised a week ago but after netizens became aware of the Broga fire, the response to help out was overwhelming!

That’s how Malaysians should be! Loving our Nature instead of trashing it!

“Because of the news that Broga was on fire, many people were shocked and it helped publicise our programme.”

Source: The Star

In fact, the response was so positive that within 24 hours of the campaign going up on Twitter, Team Selangor announced that they had to close registration because TOO MANY volunteers were signing up!

Even Aqil himself was shocked by how quickly netizens responded:

“I’m so surprised to see that. We had more than 1000+ people that registered online with us. So much so that we had to close our registration last night!”

Source: Twitter

According to him, “Healing Broga is a joint venture programme between Team Selangor and government agencies like the bomba, APM, Pejabat Daerah, FRU and many more.”

Team Selangor is an initiative run by the Selangor State Citizenship and Volunteerism Secretariat. Aqil says that the team actively organises environmental activities “because we think we need to make Selangor more green for our next generation.”

While the Healing Broga 2.0 event isn’t taking in any more volunteers, there are other environmental programmes that Team Selangor is organising in upcoming months that could really use some manpower!

To find out how you can get involved, do visit their website or follow them on any of their social media accounts.

Update: Unfortunately, due the haze and poor weather conditions, Healing Broga 2.0 will not take place this Saturday (21/9/19) as initially planned. Team Selangor recently posted a tweet, apologising for the sudden notice to postpone the event.

Don’t worry! Team Selangor has assured volunteers that they will update their social media of when the event can proceed once the weather improves 🙂

This is truly a testament to how social media can help make a difference. Let’s raise awareness together to help save our environment!

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