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Over 300 People in Kelantan Get Counselling Notices for Tight Attire & Indecent Behaviour



Source: NST & Naver

Being the conservative state it is, Kelantan surely has some strict rules that their people must obey and one of these rules include a strict attire and behaviour protocol.

So, enforcing these rules, more than 300 people in Kelantan were recently given notices to attend counselling sessions for dressing “provocatively” and behaving indecently in public places, reported NST. Wah, so many people! 

Source: NST

According to Kelantan Islamic Affairs Department (JAHEAIK) director Datuk Che Mohd Rahim Jusoh, the notices were issued during a series of operations between January and June 2018.

He was quoted as saying,

“All of them were slapped with the notices and need to attend the counselling sessions in stages as set by the department.”

“However, 80 per cent of them did not attend the counselling sessions.”

“We will send them another notice urging them to attend the sessions.”

Looks like they won’t stop until everyone with a notice attends the counselling sessions! 

He then added that if they still don’t show up for the second counselling session, the authorities will not hesitate to take this matter to court. They’re really serious! 

On a side note, an investigation by NST revealed that several shopping malls and complexes which they have visited showed many Muslim women “exposing parts of their aurat” by donning tight clothes.

If you aren’t aware, this is a serious offence because according to Section5(1) of the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code 1985, Muslims who are found guilty of acting in an “indecent manner” could face a fine of not more than RM1,000 and/or a prison sentence of not more than six months.

Reminder: be extra careful with your attire and behaviour when you visit Kelantan. 

Source: Naver

Therefore, those who are found guilty by JAHEAIK will be required to attend the counselling sessions and if they fail to attend the sessions, they will be fined a sum of RM1,000.

Well, this is a very serious matter in Kelantan since it is against their law to act and dress inappropriately in public. We hope that people who have gotten the notice from JAHEAIK will go for the counselling sessions, so they can get themselves out of this predicament quickly.

What do you think of this punishment? Let us know in the comments!  


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