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Over 475 Wuhan Coronavirus Patients Have Been Discharged From Hospital Completely Healthy!



Over 475 Wuhan Coronavirus Patients Have Been Discharged From Hospital, Completely Healthy! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Kwong Wah Daily

While grim news about the Wuhan novel coronavirus seems to be the trend whenever you scroll through your social media feed, we don’t seem to be hearing enough about patients who do wind up recovering from the Wuhan novel coronavirus. Yes, if you didn’t know, patients who were previously infected with the Wuhan novel coronavirus do wind up making a full recovery!

In a report by The Star, over 475 patients who were previously diagnosed with the Wuhan novel coronavirus have been officially discharged from hospital with a completely clean bill of health after they tested negative for the virus!

On Sunday (2nd February 2020), over 147 people walked out of hospital doors after they had been cured of the Wuhan novel coronavirus, according to a daily report from the National Health Commission (NHC). However, this contrasts recent reports that show over 361 people who have died from the disease, with 17,200 confirmed cases worldwide according to the Bangkok Post.

At this time, a proper cure for the Wuhan novel coronavirus hasn’t been found. But vaccines are being researched by a number of different teams across the world, in hopes of curbing the spread of the disease any further.

We hope that the number of cured patients will continue to rise, as it shows that there definitely is a ray of hope to all of this darkness! To those who have managed to beat the virus, we would like to congratulate you on your clean bill of health, and hope that it stays that way! 


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