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Over 500 Penang Mat Rempits Arrested in New Year’s Eve PDRM Operation



PDRM Arrested Over 1,000 Penang Mat Rempits During New Year's Eve Celebrations - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Penang Kini Facebook

How did your plans for New Year’s Eve go? Pretty well? Had a great house party with friends and family, or maybe you managed to hit some of KL’s better known hotspots to catch the fireworks? Well, what is certain is that almost everyone had a good time. Notice we say almost.

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Well, that’s because as it turns out that over 500 mat rempits were arrested overnight during New Year’s Eve (31st December 2019). Yup, not just a few, over 500 mat rempits.

The incident reportedly occurred in Penang, according to Facebook group Penang Kini and Sin Chew Daily newspaper, where local police forces set up an operation called Operation New Year’s Eve along Pantai Seagate.

Source: Penang Kini

Source: Penang Kini

Source: Penang Kini

What many young and rebellious couples had thought would be a romantic night out spent with their special someone on their motorbikes ended in a flash of blue lights instead of the fireworks that they were hoping to witness by the beachfront. Some of them were as young as 15-years-old!

Source: Penang Kini

Source: Penang Kini

During the operation, a whole crowd of people were hauled in by police in relation to illegal mat rempit activities, with a seemingly endless sea of motorbikes having been seized. 

“I can’t hide this from my mother this time. The police will surely call her up and ask her to collect me from the police station.” one youth said.

Source: Penang Kini

Those who were detained were grouped up outside the front of a police station to await further instructions, and will most likely be investigated under Section 42 (1) and 64 of the Road Transport Act.

So we guess not all of us are necessarily enjoying the new decade with a bang, huh? 


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