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Owners of Dog Faces 2 Charges After Their Dog Bit and Injured Woman



Source: Malaysian Animal Association & Negeri Sembilan Kini & China Press

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In an update to the recent case of a woman who was seen being viciously attacked by a pet dog in Melaka, it has been found that the dog in question has since been taken away by the authorities to be isolated for two weeks to check for any symptoms of rabies. This comes after the victim, Kristina, suffered injuries to her arm and ankle as a result of being bitten by the pitbull.

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Posted by Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association on Selasa, 28 Julai 2020

The now viral incident was caught on security camera, where Kristina was seen walking alone in a residential neighbourhood located in  Taman Tanjung Minyak Perdana, Melaka, when the pet pitbull of a homeowner dashed out from their ajar gate before attacking her. Despite the fact that the incident was witnessed by a passing car, nobody came to Kristina’s aid until another resident from the same neighbourhood used their car to block the dog from her, allowing her to escape.

Authorities arrive at the home of the pitbull’s owner.

According to China Press, the owner of the pitbull has since been identified and is currently facing charges under Section 289 of the Malaysian Penal Code, which may land them with a maximum prison sentence of six months, a fine of no more than RM2,000, or both, for negligence with respect to an animal under their care resulting in the injury of others.

Their pitbull has also been seized by the authorities and put into isolation for two weeks to check if it exhibited any symptoms of rabies.

The pitbull seen in the video has been caught and left in isolation for two weeks to check for symptoms of rabies.

Kristina is said to be currently receiving treatment in Hospital Besar Melaka, and has been left traumatised by the incident. Malaysian non-profit organisation Barisan Pembela Haiwan Kebangsaan (BAPAK) and Pertubuhan Pasukan Tindakan Haiwan (AAT) has set up a fund to help with her medical costs. It is likely that Kristina’s arm will never function normally again as a result of the attack.

Kristina is currently receiving treatment for her injuries.

She has been left traumatised after the attack.

While dog ownership may be a divisive topic in some Malaysian communities, it should be noted that regardless of opinion, it is absolutely important that pet owners take responsibility for their pets and ensure that they do not pose as a potential threat to others. Not only does this put lives at risk, it also reflects badly on other pet owners who are doing their best to keep their pets and those around them safe.

We hope that Kristina recovers from her injuries soon. For those who are wishing to contribute to her medical costs, you may do so through Pertubuhan Pasukan Tindakan Haiwan (AAT)’s Maybank account (512361504919).  


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Source: China Press
Source: China Press

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