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Pak Cik Shell Finds Young Man Living On The Streets After Mother’s Passing, Offers Him A Job With Accommodation



Source: PakCikShell & Autoworld

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Most of us young adults and teenagers have a lot to be grateful for, such as having a roof over our heads and food to fill our bellies every night.

Sadly, not all of us in Malaysia are that fortunate.

The Managing Director of Shell Trading Malaysia, Shairan Huzani Husain, or more affectionately known to Malaysians as Pak Cik Shell took to his Instagram account to showcase a young man who was sleeping on the streets following his mother’s passing.

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dlm perjalan balik kerja terserempak dgn seorang adik. bila pakcik tanya tgh buat apa, dia cakap kumpul barang kitar semula utk dijual. bila pakcik tanya duduk kat mana, dia tunjuk ke satu sudut dinding bangunan di alas kadbod. di negara kita, agak sedih ada insan tersisih sebegini. setiap hidup kita tentunya ada cabaran. adik shahril terpaksa keluar rumah setelah ibunya meninggal. bila kita rasa susah, percayalah ada yg sedang diuji lebih dari kita. #gengpakcikshell insyaAllah sudah dapatkan kerja kat stesen yg ada hostel utk adik shahril sbb dia cakap dia nak kerja. malam nanti kita bawa dia ke tempat kerja. kita doakan tuhan mudahkan hidup beliau dan semoga suatu hari nanti dia pun boleh berjaya macam awak. 🇲🇾 we are sincerely run by malaysians, for malaysians 🇲🇾

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He wrote, “On my way home, I stumbled upon this young man. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was collecting recyclables to sell. When I asked him where he stayed, he pointed to the corner of the building where there was cardboard on the ground. In our country, it’s quite sad to see that there are people left out like this. Every day, we are faced with challenges. This young man was forced to leave home after his mother’s passing. When we are troubled, please believe that we are being tested.”

Despite his hardships, he showed high interest in wanting to work and earn, hence, Pak Cik Shell decided to offer him a job.

“Insyaallah, we’ve gotten him a job at the station that has a hostel as he said he wanted to work. Later tonight, we’ll bring him to the location. We pray that God eases his burdens and that one day, he can be successful. We are sincerely run by Malaysians, for Malaysians,” he added.

It’s amazing to know that this young man is being taken care of and that he’s now on his way towards a better livelihood.

But sadly, there are still many people living on the streets of Malaysia who want to work and earn a better life for themselves. We genuinely hope that more people open their minds towards hiring the homeless.

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