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PDRM Plans To Use Taser Guns To Reduce The Usage Of Firearms On Aggressive People



Source: Facebook & Harian Metro

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We have seen it happen in movies and TV shows, where police officers tase criminals who give them a hard time during an arrest.

And it seems like our Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is considering picking up the electronic device to help them conduct their detainments more effectively.

As according to Bernama, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, the consideration to use tasers are actually to reduce the use of firearms with aggressive and hostile people.

Dato’ Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim’s taser demonstration.

“PDRM does not want to shoot anyone and wants to resolve issues without loss of life, such as when dealing with persons under the influence of drugs who will be aggressive, so we want to only use taser guns to resolve these cases,” he said.

But this isn’t the first time tasers were brought into the picture.

“Although the use of taser guns have been introduced before this, not many were provided to police staff and most were of poor quality,” he further explained.

Along with taser guns, PDRM officers and patrol cars will be equipped with cameras to monitor their interactions with the general public.

Hence, if you’re ever confronted by the police for a crime, it’s best to cooperate with them as getting tased isn’t exactly pleasant. A man, who has apparently been tased 200 times in his life, told BBC that getting tased feels very much like cramps.

This image shows the marks left by a taser.

“It’s a bit like lying in bed and feeling a cramp in your leg, but it covers your whole body. Certainly, it’s uncomfortable, but no more painful than a cramp. You don’t feel the probes going in. The first thing you notice is the muscles in between them spasming and then the rest of your body seizes up,” the man said.

So hey, it’s probably best to just cooperate with police officers whenever necessary.

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Source: Facebook
Source: Harian Metro
Source: ABC News

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