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Penang Driver Parks Car In Front Of Hospital, Rages At Security Guard & Drivers Who Tell Him To Move



Inconsiderate Penang Driver Blocks Exit Of Penang Central Hospital, Screams At Guard Who Stopped Him - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

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At least have the courtesy to move your car if you know that you’re blocking other drivers from exiting. Especially when it’s a hospital, where emergencies can happen at any time. Lives could be at risk from inconsiderate actions like these!

Yesterday afternoon, a driver parked his car at the exit of Penang Central Hospital and left his vehicle there despite blocking other drivers that were trying to leave the car park!

A netizen uploaded a clip of the scene in a Facebook group, Penang Kini, to show the car surrounded by security guards and angry drivers who were complaining about how thoughtless the selfish driver was.

“The visitor initially parked his car at the main entrance of the hospital but was stopped by a security guard who asked him to move his vehicle immediately to not block traffic.”

However, instead of listening to his instructions, the insensitive driver scolded the security guard, who beckoned him to calm down and at least leave his phone number if he was going to park at such an inconvenient space.

Kejadian berlaku di hospital besar pulau pinang. Kereta pelawat yang pakir di laluan masuk utama menyebabkan pelawat…

Posted by Penang Kini on Sunday, November 24, 2019

The man grudgingly left his phone number with the security guard and left for his doctor’s appointment.

When another driver wanted to exit the hospital, he tried to call the number provided but the inconsiderate man kept making excuses as to why he couldn’t move his car.

Soon enough, a long time passed and an angry crowd of drivers gathered. As they all had to wait under the hot sun for the selfish man to return, an uncle, as seen in the video, called the man and said, “if you don’t want to move your car, don’t complain if you find parts broken when you return.”

That finally got the man’s attention as he reportedly rushed to his car 10 minutes later. But he didn’t return to move his car. He merely came back to pick a fight with the uncle who called him.

“The irresponsible driver didn’t even apologise, he even scolded us who waited and challenged anyone who dared to break his car mirror!”

However, after noticing that he was outnumbered, the man moved his car and left the scene.

Thankfully, there were no drivers who had to urgently leave or enter the hospital during this time. Nonetheless, we urge all drivers to be mindful of others when you’re parking.


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