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People Draw What They Love About Malaysia, Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Responses



Source: Instagram & Twitter

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With the National Day happening in a couple of days, it is good to take a seat and think of things that we love about this country and what reminds us of how unique we are as a community. A local artist known for her doodles decided to go on Twitter to ask her fellow Malaysians to draw things that are so Malaysian to them. She tweeted this,

Ann Jaafar told WORLD OF BUZZ that initially it was just for fun. She will always draw something according to the occasion that is happening in Malaysia. However, this time she decided to invite everyone to join in on the fun! She said,

“Surprisingly so many people joining in and they’re so talented!!! Some of them are funny and most of the artworks I think we all can understand and relate.”

When asked what can we expect from her in the near future, she revealed that she plans to compile some of the artwork, make it into a video and post it on social media on 31st August. Ann Jaafar is well known for her quirky videos, so we can’t wait to see this one soon!

Malaysians; whether you realize it or not, are a bunch of creative and opinionated individuals. So when you put those two together, you are bound to get some interesting and funny response. We have compiled some of our favourites from the replies which we can soooooo relate to.

  • Obviously The Nasi Lemak

  • The Illegal And Not Advisable Chup Parking

  • The Unique Flavours Of Ais Krim Malaysia

  • The Mystery Behind Instagram Music Unavailability

  • The other Malaysian national dish, the Burger Ramly

Looking through all the replies really made us smile and our eyes teary. We are glad to see that so many Malaysians coming together to share their responses which are so relatable to all of us! This is what makes us unique and this should be the focus of our unity. For more funny and creative responses, just head on to Ann Jaafar’s tweet and enjoy the nostalgia.


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