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Perak Family Has No Money For Food, Have To Catch Fish From Ditches & Eat Wild Vegetables



Perak Family Has No Money For Food, Searches For Wild Vegetables & Catches Fish From Ditches - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Our prime minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has made it abundantly clear that there are lots of food that are constantly available at supermarkets so that we don’t have to panic buy.

He also took into account the struggles of Malaysians during the Movement Control Order (MCO) to eradicate the Covid-19 virus, and created financial assistance initiatives for those who require it, and no, luxury lifestyle upkeep does not qualify for financial assistance.

These financial assistance measures are there because there are Malaysians who are struggling to put food on the table, for themselves and for their loved ones. For example, a family of nine in Parit Buntar, Perak have resorted to foraging for wild vegetables and fresh water gourami fish from ditches around their house as according to the New Straits Times.

50-year-old Abdul Hadi Yunus and his family had run out of food and have been cut-off from their regular food supply for the past few days now. Due to the MCO’s restrictions, he has been cut off from his daily earnings as a paddy farmer and was forced to use his very limited savings to put food on the table for his family.

“Before the implementation of the MCO, I was able to do odd jobs in the village as well as earn some money from the paddy field to sustain the family. Now my movement is limited and the food supply ran out three days ago. For the past three days, my family and I eat only what we scrounge from around our home such as vegetables and the fish which we get from the ditch,” he told the media.

He has since received a food parcel from The Parit Buntar Parti Pribumi Bersatu (Bersatu) Malaysia Division Chief Md Nayan Salleh, in which he calls a ‘saviour’ to his family, though the food aid normally only lasts a few days.

“In the event the MCO is extended further, I need to find a way to live. What is important is for the children and the family to continue to get food,” he added.

Still believe that the government should assist with paying for your Netflix subscriptions too during the MCO?

There are Malaysians who are the lacking basic human necessities like food, water and shelter during times like this. Let’s all learn how to forget luxuries, appreciate what we have and helps others in need.

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