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Perak Man Finds Worms In His Maggi Ayam Goreng, Warns Netizens To Be Wary Of Local Eateries



Beware: You May Be At Risk Of Finding Worms In Your Mamak Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Facebook & For illustration purposes only || Foursquare

As Malaysians, we all know that mamak food is memang best because its both cheap and tasty. So what if its cleanliness rating isn’t always A grade? Its the “extra” flavour that we locals love.

But there’s always a limit to the standard of hygiene that we should settle for. And this definitely exceeds what we’re comfortable with.

Posted by Kelab Info Malaysia on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Just yesterday, 24-year-old Wan Mohd Amirul uploaded a nauseating video of worms squirming from the fried chicken of a Maggi goreng ayam dish he ordered at a local eatery in Seri Manjung, Perak.

According to a Facebook post from Kelab Info Malaysia, Amirul said he felt like something was amiss about the dish when he and his friend ordered food at the eatery at around 5am yesterday (6th November).

“I think the instant noodles didn’t have a problem. It’s just the worms from the chicken. I think they have been festering over the past couple of days. Luckily, my friend didn’t touch his meal yet.”

“My friend already informed the owners of the eatery about this and it shouldn’t happen just because the owner of the restaurant doesn’t prioritise hygiene.”

Amirul said he uploaded the now-viral video on Facebook because he wanted netizens to stay informed and be careful about where they eat. Always check your food before you put it in your mouth.

Beware: You May Be At Risk Of Finding Worms In Your Mamak Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

He said, “I don’t have any evil intention. I just want to remind others to be more careful when it comes to food.”

“Before this, there were cases about dirty eateries but the owners don’t care and still want to reuse old ingredients that are no longer fresh or safe to eat.”

“I hope this serves as a reminder that it can happen to anyone, it happened to my friend. I hope the authorities will take action accordingly.”

Since the cringe-inducing video went viral, a notice for the eatery’s closure has been issued.

Beware: You May Be At Risk Of Finding Worms In Your Mamak Food - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, the Perak’s Director of Health, Datuk Chen Limin, has since released a statement.

“No official complaints were made but the video went viral on social media and we are still in the process of investigating this.”

Those who went to the eatery to assess the situation said that authorities have closed the place down for two weeks starting 6th November till 20th November. They couldn’t get a statement from the owners of the eatery as they were not present during this time.

So think twice next time before you dig into that plate of maggi goreng. You can never be too safe about the hygiene of your food. 


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