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Petition Aims to Get 1 Million People to Thank Najib, Only 7,000 Signed So Far



Petition Wants 1 Million People to Thank Najib, Collects Less Than 7,000 So Far - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: The Petition Site

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In the aftermath of GE14 (admittedly one of the most fiercely contested elections Malaysians have seen), so many things have been happening wey! We’re breathless trying to keep up too! Defeated former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is not having a great time post-election and it looks like some netizens want to cheer him up. Aww~

One of these people is a pro-Umno netizen, who decided to create a petition in order to thank Najib for his contribution to the country. In the petition, he said that Malaysians should be grateful for what Najib has done, such as improving the country’s economy and improving Malaysia’s quality of life for the nine years he was in office.

The netizen added that it was due to the subsidy rationalisation and the introduction of GST that had surely but silently saved the country’s economy. Really?

The petition stated 13 projects started by Najib that would’ve surely improved Malaysians’ lives in the future such as the Pan Borneo Expressway, Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail, Mass Rapid Transit, Tun Razak Exchange and many more. He added that the rakyat would definitely miss Najib’s administration now that he is not in power but they would never forget the way he worked so hard to make Malaysia great again. 

Apparently, the petition seems to have been started almost 24 hours ago and the goal is to collect 1 million signatures. However, so far, it seems to have only collected less than 6,500 signatures. On the flip side, some netizens were saying that they really had to thank Najib because he is the reason they’ve managed to change the previous government.

Well, if you want to thank Najib for his great contributions to Malaysia, you can sign the petition too!


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