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Phone Overheating? These Malaysians Have Found The Most Creative Solution Yet!



Phone Overheating? These M'sians Have The - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter & Momzworld

It’s only normal to feel a little uneasy every time your phone feels a little heat-y, especially considering all the cases where batteries seem to overheat and phones explode.

But Malaysians have now found an ingenious method to ensure your phones stay cool so that you can keep on using your phones non-stop.

Just slap on a patch of KoolFever to the back!

Source: Amazon

Many Malaysians have since taken to Twitter to showcase how KoolFever has helped keep their phones from overheating.

❦ (@roseafni) wrote, “A tip to overcome phones from overheating: Apply KoolFever.”

Erin buncis (@erinbuncis) agreed with Roseafni.

She wrote, “It’s actually true. When I play Call of Duty, my phone gets heaty, then I just slap on a piece of KoolFever.”

Why Jack Why (@AmetJack) chimed in as well.

He said, “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground mobile players really need this.”

Even Haziq (@haziqgrr) added his two cents.

He wrote, “Tips for playing games on overheating iPhones, cut out a piece of KoolFever, stick it to the back.”

We’re not entirely sure if this actually works, or if they just think that it works because the KoolFever feels chilly to touch when they’re on their phones.

So, we highly suggest Malaysians still be wary of heat radiating from their mobile devices as we’d rather not have to hear of more cases of deaths caused by exploding overheated electronics.

What do you think? Have you tried battling overheating phones with KoolFever before?

Let us know in the comments section below. 


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