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Photos: Starved, Abused Doggo Goes From Bones to Happily Adopted Thanks to Rescuers



Touching Photos Show Dog's Journey From Having Its Mouth Tied & Starved To Being Adopted - WORLD OF BUZZ 11
Source: A Fortress of Fur Facebook

All animals deserve our love, kindness and compassion. Most people can agree on that without any question. And yet still, we are seeing instances of people mistreating animals without care, to a point where they are willing to torture, maim, and even kill these hapless creatures. However, in an uplifting post that was recently uploaded to animal activist Facebook group A Fortress of Fur, we can clearly see how tender loving care and compassion can make such a big difference in the life of an animal with a will to live.

The post, which included a series of photos, shows a dog’s journey from being left to starve and die, to being rescued, healed, and eventually adopted into a loving home. And we have to say, the entire journey had us tearing up by the end of it, so get your tissues ready.

Our story starts with a photo of a dog, chained to a metal grille and clearly neglected by its owner. The dog is clearly malnourished, so much so that you can clearly see its bones!

Rescuers who managed to bring the malnourished dog to the nearest vet quickly got to work to ensure that the dog’s health did not deteriorate any further, feeding it both food and water.

The dog, once nursed back to decent health, was then put into foster care, awaiting adoption. Despite that fact, it can still be visibly seen that the poor dog is deathly afraid of human contact, with fear in its eyes.

However, once it was adopted into a new home, it is clearly apparent that the dog is in a much better place and has begun to truly open up. It even shows it’s playful side too!

By the end of it, you can definitely see the spark of life back in the dog’s eyes, and the pure joy in knowing that it has finally found a true home that would love, nurture, and care for it. As the caption in the Facebook post goes to show:

“(This is the) Reason why every rescue matters. It makes a huge difference to that single soul who wants to be free from misery and live a life.”

If you didn’t believe it now, these pictures are certainly proof of that!

While there may not have many details being spared in the Facebook post itself, photos truly speak more than words do, and it’s readily apparent just how big of a change true love and affection can have on animals. Does anybody have a spare tissue? 


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