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PKP 2.0 Trends At No.1 On Twitter As M’sians Fear Return of MCO Due To Rising Number Of Cases



Source: Twitter & Astro Awani

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We’re currently in the “Recovery” Movement Control Order but in case you haven’t noticed, the number of positive Covid-19 cases have seemed to fluctuate over the last few days. The majority number of cases originate from Sabah and those who returned from Sabah to Peninsular Malaysia.

Malaysians have been feeling the panic and fear of this and have shared their thoughts on Twitter. As of now, PKP 2.0 (MCO 2.0) is trending No.1 on Twitter.

“Please stay home if you have no need to leave the house, practice personal hygiene, social distancing and most importantly have COMMON SENSE! We all can’t afford PKP 2.0.”

Besides the working public, students also feel the pressure of a possible MCO as this would mean they would have to go back to online learning and not only that, the intake of new students just about to start their university life will be halted as well.

“If there’s a PKP 2.0. I don’t think I can continue my studies. Please postpone the semester. I cannot see me losing myself anymore.”

If you think another round of the MCO would just mean a Netflix marathon and making dalgona coffee, you need to come out of your bubble. Please remember the countless local businesses and blue-collar workers who lost their income during the MCO and had no means of feeding their families.

We don’t know for sure if there will be a Movement Control Order 2.0 but all we know is that perhaps we have been too lax about SOPs. It’s still not too late, make sure to wear your masks and physical distancing at all times. Now that Malaysians have started panicking, does this mean politicians will start abiding by SOPs strictly as well or do the rules still don’t apply to them?


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Source: Twitter

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