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Plastic Begone! Coca-Cola Company Introduces Paper Bottles To Reduce Pollution



Source: BBC & FT

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The paper bottle packaging is currently under a trial period and let’s hope that it proves to be successful!

Ranked as the world’s number one plastic polluter in 2020 by a charity group called Break Free From Plastic, the Coca-Cola company is currently rethinking its waste output worldwide. Recently, the company has set a goal of producing zero waste by 2030 and took one potentially huge step to achieve that by introducing a new paper bottle packaging. Nice!

As reported by BBC, Coca-Cola is currently in the midst of a trial run of 2,000 prototype paper bottles produced by a Danish company called Paboco (Paper Bottle Company). This prototype is made from an extra-strong paper shell that still contains a thin plastic liner inside.

There are a few obstacles that Coca-Cola needs in order for this new environmentally-friendly packaging to be successful, which includes:

  • Preventing gas escaping from carbonated drinks.
  • There must be a barrier that avoids fibre flaking off into the liquid.
  • The packaging must not alter the taste of the drink.
  • Pass health and safety checks.

According to Paboco, the most challenging part of developing this paper bottle packaging was to create a structure capable of withstanding the forces exerted by fizzy drinks (which Coca-Cola is known globally for) as these types of drinks are bottled under pressure. Furthermore, Paboco also had to create a mouldable paper in order for it to be used for a range of distinct bottle shapes and sizes.

In fact, Paboco has been working on this prototype with Coca-Cola for the past 7 years and they are now ready to host a trial in Hungary with a fruit drink made by Coca-Cola called Adez. A total of 2,000 paper bottles of Adez will hit the local retail chain this summer.

Beside Coca-Cola, Paboco is also working on a paper bottle for Absolut, the famous vodka-maker as well as Carlsberg.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for all the parties involved. Let’s strive to reduce waste and preserve Earth for our future generation!


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Source: BBC
Source: BBC

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