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Police Finally Arrested Man Who Shot Monkey in Head For Failing To Say “Baby Sayang”



Police Finally Arrested Man Who Shot Monkey in Head For Failing To Say "Baby Sayang" - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter / Malaysiakini

Over the past few days, Malaysians across the country were enraged by a gruesome video of a man shooting a caged monkey. The video showed the man forcing the poor monkey to utter the words: “Baby sayang”.

The vile man then shot the frightened monkey in the head with a Glock sidearm after the animal failed to say the above-mentioned words. So cruel! 

As the video went viral, the incident sparked outrage among netizens as they found the man’s actions to be unacceptable, and to some, plain evil.

Source: Malaysiakini

Following the uproar, Malaysiakini has reported that the man has been remanded at his home at Taman Kenangan, Sitiawan, Perak. According to Mstar, two people – the 18-year-old suspect and his dad – were arrested after the video of the suspect shooting the monkey went viral.

Bukit Aman’s Corporate Communications Head Asmawati Ahmad elaborated that the raid was conducted by the Criminal Investigation Division Manjung at 9pm, yesterday (22nd May 2019).

Source: The Star

During the raid, the police also confiscated the gun which was used to shoot the helpless monkey. The gun is believed to be owned by the suspect’s father, and Asmawati was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying,

“Both arrests and the seizure were brought back to Manjung IPD for further action.”

Asmawati then added that the chief police of Perak, Datuk Razarudin Hussain will lead a press conference to reveal more information about at 12pm, today (23rd May 2019). Well, it looks like we’ve got to keep our eyes peeled for that! 

Well, it’s great that the police have nabbed the perpetrator and hopefully, they will be properly punished if they are found guilty.

In the meantime, if you ever encounter animal cruelty in Malaysia, you can always lodge a report to the Department of Veterinary Services via email ([email protected]) and/or WhatsApp (019-2242233).


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