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Policeman Relieved That He Can Finally Celebrate Son’s Birthday After MCO Roadblocks Lifted



Source: Astro Awani

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While we may all be glad to be heading back to work again during the Recovery MCO, we probably aren’t nearly as glad to see an end to the roadblocks as much as our hardworking and dedicated abang polis are!

With the CMCO coming officially to an end, roadblocks across the nation on major highways and roads are already being lifted, and policemen who have been manning them are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. But for one policeman, the end of Ops COVID is probably sweeter than it would be for everyone else, because he can now finally celebrate his own child’s birthday!

54-year-old Sargent Azahar Ayub, who has been working tirelessly at various MCO roadblocks for 84 days straight under the police force’s Traffic Division, said that the relief he felt by the end of Ops COVID and being able to be there for his child on his birthday is immeasurable.

“He has been asking for his present. I am the only one who hasn’t given him a gift for his birthday. His elder brothers have all bought him gifts online, which were delivered to our house.” he said.

According to Sargent Azahar, his youngest child, who will be turning 11-years-old, hasn’t stopped calling him since finding out that he will no longer need to be stationed at the roadblocks, according to Astro Awani.

“I haven’t told him what I got him yet, as I wanted it to be a surprise. Usually, I’ll buy him a cake.”

He also extended his thanks to his fellow cohorts for celebrating his own birthday with him while they were manning their roadblocks on the 28th of May, while also expressing surprise at receiving a cake from a nurse at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah who stopped at their roadblock, decorated with the words ‘TQ Frontliners’ in icing.

While it may have been a grueling period to be working under Ops COVID, Sargent Azahar has said that despite the challenges faced, working on the frontlines has been one of the most memorable experiences that he has had the privilege of being involved in.

To frontliners like Sargent Azahar, we thank you for your contributions to the community during this time in keeping us all safe! 


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Source: Astro Awani
Source: Astro Awani

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