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Poor Boy Riding Bike To Sell Food Gets Ambushed, Slapped & Shoved By Bullies Who Filmed The Whole Thing



Source: Facebook

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No circumstance will ever justify bullying.

A recent video shared on Twitter and  Facebook went viral after it showed a poor boy being mercilessly shoved, slapped and taunted by a group of inconsiderate kids who filmed themselves staging an ambush for their attack. The post garnered over 186,000 shares!

In the video, one of the bullies can be seen crouching behind a hedge while waiting for his victim to approach. The innocent boy was then filmed riding his bike down the road while carrying a load of goods.

The bully then jumps out from behind the hedge and blocks the poor child from his path. Startled by the sudden ambush, the boy loses his balance and collapses after riding over uneven ground. His bullies quickly snatch the bike from under him and laugh ruthlessly in the background as the helpless victim struggles to get up.


Constant ganging up and bullying towards one boy

What’s even more infuriating about the situation is that they didn’t see any wrong to what they were doing. In another video uploaded in the same post, the gang of bullies can be seen sitting on their motorbikes-taunting and mocking the poor boy as he tries to regain his balance.

Once he finally manages to get back on his feet again, the boy decides he’s had enough. He tries to bend the number plate of one of the bully’s bikes in an attempt to stand up for himself. However, the bully merely slaps him and shoves the boy back down on the ground, towering over him as if daring him to get back up.

The videos, that were uploaded yesterday (17th May), has garnered over 186,000 shares and is believed to have originated from Indonesia.

The caption reads, “the story of a boy selling fried food in Pangkep, Bonto Bonto. Where is your conscience? This video made me cry.”

Outraged netizens poured into the comment section, disgusted and horrified at the despicable acts of these bullies. But thanks to the viral status of the video, authorities managed to track the perpetrators down and detain them accordingly.

“Because the video was viral, that’s why many residents and the victim’s family also came to Mako. So we asked that the perpetrators be taken to the Pangkep Regional Police Station for further processing,” said the Ma’arang police chief to local media.

Hopefully, these bullies learn their lesson. Inhumane acts like these should always be brought to justice. 


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Indozone

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