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Poor Lifeless Doggo In Sabah Dragged Along Road By Pick Up Truck Driver



Source: Facebook

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There’s a new trend that’s unfortunately been hitting the Malaysian streets and it’s something we genuinely need to stop because it is inhumane and truly cruel.

Some Malaysians are tying dogs to their cars and dragging them as they drive around, clearly in an act meant to torture the poor animal.

In a Facebook posting by the Malaysia Animal Association, they showcased another incident in Sabah in which a dog was tied to and dragged behind a pick up truck.

Source: Facebook

They wrote, “Until now, we still don’t have an answer as to why there are so many dog dragging cases in Sabah. Just this 11th of January, 2020, an incident where a dog was dragged by a car with the number plate SS2602V was reported along Laluan Sukau Kinabatangan, Sabah at about 4pm. The dog was tied to the back of the car. Witnesses in Sabah are urged to come forward to validate the incident. Even if it involved the dead body of a dog, the action of dragging the body shouldn’t happen.”

In the picture, the dog can be seen limp and lifeless, prompting many to believe that the dog is already dead, though there are no hints of blood.

We truly don’t understand the intentions and mindsets of those who believe that dragging poor, innocent animals behind their vehicles is a good move.

We genuinely hope that the person dragging the dog behind their pick up truck faces the consequences of their actions, especially considering the authorities already have their number plate, it shouldn’t be long now.

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