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Poor Stray Pup Purposefully Ran Over By Driver in Penang, Now Scared of Humans



Source: Facebook

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It’s a dog eat dog world out there, which means being a stray animal on the streets is already hard enough. Considering all the things they have to go through, there is of course, no need for humans to come along and make life harder for them. Especially since we are people with logical thinking and emotions!

A netizen had taken to the 浪浪分享群 Facebook group to showcase a poor little stray doggy in Penang that had to endure some unnecessary cruelty from a human who decided that it would be “fun” to purposefully drive over the poor little thing.

It’s now so scared that it cowers and shy away from humans who want to help it.

Source: Facebook

The little pup was so scared of humans that he hid behind a TNB box in efforts to protect himself from rescuers. Why would anyone purposefully drive over the dog especially considering the fact that it was already suffering on a daily basis. It’s also covered in mange which is a very painful skin condition.

Source: Facebook

Thankfully, the team behind the Penang Stray Rescue Society has managed to rescue the little fella so he’ll be out of the streets and safe from evil humans who drive pick up trucks and run over dogs for their personal satisfaction.

Source: Facebook

Whoever it was that thought it would be fun to drive over another soul clearly either needs some divine intervention, pharmaceutical help or just some plain ol’ jail treatment.

We hope the little pup recovers from it’s ordeal and finds it’s forever home.


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