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Popular Malaysian Singer Called 999 After Witnessing Accident, BUT NO ONE RESPONDED



Source: Instagram &: Miss Bish

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In an emergency situation, what number would you most likely call?

999? 911? WRONG, it’s 112!

Malaysian singer Talitha Tan had the first-hand experience of how calling 999 might not go according to plan, because no one picked up.

Source: Instagram

In her Instagram story, she wrote, “Guys please drive safe. Cause last night I came across this car that understeered and crashed. The guy was fine. But there I was, not knowing who to call. 911? 999? HAHA. No, it’s 112!”

Recalling her experience witnessing the car crash, she noticed a n overturned car that crashed into the side of the road nearby the Damansara toll.

Source: Instagram

Reminiscing her experience, Talitha wrote of how inexperienced some Malaysians can be in emergency situations.

“I don’t think Malaysians were actually taught what to do during an emergency. Like we’ve only learnt about 911 in movies you know?”

Source: Instagram

But the story did not end there, “emergency help” was no help at all!

Talitha shared that the person who responded to the call asked for the location of the incident five times.

It took the police half an hour later to call her and confirm that she was the one who made the calls.

During the call, the police asked of her whereabouts, which she responded that she had gone home – assuming that the authorities were en route to the location.

To her horror, the response was “Oh so semua dah ok?” (Oh all is well then?”)

However, Talitha’s drama was indeed not Talitha’s alone. Several others have also begun relaying their own experiences in response to Talitha’s post.

Source: Instagram

One recalled her experience calling 999 when her kitchen caught fire.

“They told me to calm down and (share) my location and they hung up.”

“While waiting I found an extinguisher and just took the fire out myself. Aaaand the bomba never came anyway and didn’t call back.”

Source: Instagram


Another recalled her experience having to transfer her own father to the hospital with the help of a close friend when the ambulance couldn’t pinpoint the house location.

“They couldn’t find our house because they’ve never been to that area.”

“They asked if we could move our dad to the ambulance instead which was located a few kilometres away.”

She eventually moved her dad with the help of a close friend as her dad was in and out of consciousness.

Source: Instagram

She added that the ambulance later told them off for “keeping them waiting”.

According to the Malaysian Emergency Response Services (MERS), the 112 hotline serves as an alternative to the 999 Response Centres.

In 2015, MERS 999 Project Director Rozinah Anas said that all 112 calls will be re-directed to the 999 Response Centres for the police, Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Defense Department, and Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.

In retrospect, more can be done by the MERS to ensure that all emergencies be treated as what they are, emergencies.

Have you faced similar experiences? Do share it with us in our comments section.

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