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Pregnant Dogs Gets Beaten Up And Chased Away WHILE Giving Birth To 8 Puppies in Klang



Source: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (Facebook)

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A pregnant dog just gave birth to eight puppies near an apartment complex in Klang this afternoon after being beaten up and chased away by local residents.

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), a canine welfare initiative dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of rescued and abandoned dogs, received a call earlier today after a lady in the area witnessed the dog getting hurt.

“While it was giving birth, they were trying to chase it away so that it gave birth elsewhere. but when you’re giving birth you can’t just stop giving birth. So after it completed littering 8 puppies she carried them one by one and placed them nearby—placenta and all,” MDDB told us when speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ today.

“When [the lady] saw the dog struggling to move her puppies, she took all the puppies and moved them to a place with more shade and asked someone to call us for help.”

MDDB explained that because this happened in a low-cost apartment complex, it’s common for animals to be chased away by residents due to how congested the area is.

The mother and its eight puppies have since been sent to undergo distemper and parvovirus tests, as all puppies were infected with distemper virus when found.

Distemper and parvovirus are airborne diseases that heavily affect dogs and can carry up to 80% and 91% mortality rates, respectfully, if gone untreated.


A call for more human compassion

With the recent news about a dog being dumped in a plastic bag and left for dead in Kajang, it seems like more and more Malaysians are growing less and less compassionate towards stray dogs and animals.

“It is very very disturbing,” MDDB shared, expressing their concerns about Malaysians’ attitudes towards animals on the streets. “[These people] have no qualms in hurting them and I cannot imagine beating up a dog that’s giving birth or has just given birth—that is really really low.”

“There are a lot of people who help animals, and it goes across the racial barrier. These people are so compassionate and then there’s this extreme where they have no qualms of hurting these stray animals. There’s no middle ground. I don’t understand.”


MDDB needs your help!

Despite their growing efforts to take in and care for every stray dog they come across, MDDB admits that they’re struggling to make ends meet especially during this challenging time.

“Because of MCO and CMCO, we can’t hold adoption drives and the number of dogs in our sanctuary is growing extensively,” they explained.

“We’re finding it a problem to [afford] food for them, but how can we turn the other way when we see a dog in this kind of situation?”

If you’re able to spare some money and donate to MDDB, feel free to donate to the bank account details below with the reference “MDDB” and WhatsApp the receipt to 0122501497. You can also contact them on Facebook or call them at 017-332 5160 for more information.

PAYPAL: [email protected]

We would just like to remind everyone one simple thing, please be kind and compassionate especially right now.


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