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Pregnant Mother Jumps to Her Death After Family Forbids Her From C-Section



Pregnant Mother In Pain Commits Suicide After Family Disagrees For a C-Section - World Of Buzz
Source: China Press

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The pain she was going through must’ve been so unbearable that she thought suicide was the last resort. 🙁 

On August 30, a pregnant mother who was about to go into labour shockingly committed suicide as she couldn’t stand the pain any longer. This heart-wrenching incident happened at a hospital in Yulin, China, as reported by China Press.

Source: China Press

According to a spokesperson from the hospital, the pregnant mother known as Ma, requested to be warded at the hospital last Wednesday as her due date was approaching.

“Preliminary examination showed that the baby’s head was a little bit too big, and if the mother was to give birth naturally, it may pose great risk for the mother,” the spokesperson said. 

Source: China Press

The doctors and medical staff informed Ma and her family about her condition. They advised her to opt for a C-section in order to minimise the risk. However, Ma’s family shockingly refused to let her undergo the surgery and even signed an agreement form saying that they’re well-aware of her condition.

Source: China Press

At 5.50pm on the same day, Ma who was in pain requested for a C-section to deliver her baby. The medical staff then explained her condition and sought approval again from Ma’s family, but the stubborn family just refused to give in.

As such, Ma was kept under observation. Poor mother…

“The pregnant mother who was in excruciating pain walked out from her room twice expressing that she’s in deep pain and wanted to undergo the surgery, but her family insisted Ma to give birth naturally,” the spokesperson added.

At approximately 8pm, Ma couldn’t bear the pain anymore and jumped to her death from the fifth floor of the hospital building. Doctors tried to save her but all attempts have failed.

The mother was so close to seeing her firstborn. Had her family agreed to let her undergo the surgery, the mother and baby would’ve been safe and sound. RIP Ma. 


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