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Pregnant Woman Craves For Crabs Everyday, Husband Complains He Will Pokai Soon



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We all know that pregnant women have weird and long-lasting cravings but what happens when that craving is an expensive one? 

A soon-to-be father shared on the NUS Whispers that his 24-week pregnant wife has been driving him crazy with her cravings.

“I love her a lot and we are expecting our first child. We are very excited and we can’t wait for our baby’s arrival. Actually, maybe I am a little impatient for its birth because my wife’s cravings are driving me crazy.”

He elaborated that he did his research and acknowledges the fact that a happy mother = a happy baby, but his wife is apparently eating his wallet dry as all she wants to eat is crab.

“Everyday she dreams of crab and wakes up asking me to get her some. It is really taking a toll on my finances.”

He did some calculations and came up with a crab expenditure of SGD50 (RM154) per day which will amount to SGD600 (RM1,852) per month. He even tried explaining to her that the amount of money spent can be put into their savings for the rainy days or can be used for their baby. Instead of thinking it through, she broke down and cried uncontrollably.

“I’ve eaten just about every crab dish on the menu from cheap to fancy, famous to obscure. I cannot look at crab the same way without thinking of how it has destroyed my life.”

He asked for help and detailed some of the “ways” that he tried using but did not work out:

  • He lied that the crab place was sold out and she didn’t take it well.
  • He showed her an article on mercury content in crabs but she said that as long as it’s cooked it will be fine.
  • He bought live crabs and asked her to cook it but she turned to the neighbour for help instead.
  • He opened a brand new bank account and transferred his savings there. Then he showed her that he was “broke” from buying crab for her every day, but as a smart woman, she was able to deduce how much his daily expenditure was.
  • He poured a lot of soy sauce into the crab sauce but she just avoided it and “whacked” the crab.
  • He threw away the crab openers and practically forced her to get very intricate nail art and extension. But she still wanted to eat crabs.
  • He partnered up with his buddy whose wife had just given birth and said that eating crab will not be good for the baby as it will give them undesirable traits but she just brushed it off as an old wives’ tale.

He ended the post by saying that he’s at his wits’ end as she’s only 24 weeks along and has 16 more weeks to go.

“I heard that the further into pregnancy, the bigger the appetite. Advice is really much needed. Thank you.”

What do you think about this and what advice will you give the expecting father? Let us know in the comments!


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Source: PXHere
Source: PXHere
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