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Psychologist Explains Why Some Men Like to ‘Do Their Business’ Naked



Source: Armaghi/Newsweek

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According to The New York Post, a new wave of men are admitting that they poo in the nude as it is seen as ‘greater sense of comfort and freedom’ and ‘leaving less of a mess’.

The report adds that thousands of men have admitted to the strange habit, be it at home, at work, while visiting friends – even in public toilets!

Now, there is a bit of science to it as according to Psychologist Dr Stauffer-Kruse the need to get naked while poo-ing comes from childhood toilet experiences.

“Some people may feel shame while on the toilet. It all stems back to their parents’ reactions to them when they are potty training and how they felt at that time.”

“They may have been told that poop and getting messy from it is shameful so they may react by wanting to get rid of their clothes – it makes them feel less psychologically, as well as physically, restricted.”

Collecting data from ‘test subjects’, one respondent to the post says that to go full naked, he had to line the floors of the toilet with toilet paper and balance all his clothes on his shoe.

“I lay sheets of toilet paper on the ground, take off all my clothes and balance each item on top of my shoes – then I do my business naked.”

Another talks about how he can’t poop unless his clothes are out of plain sight.

 “I can’t poop unless my clothes are 100 per cent out of my field of vision. It makes me feel uncomfortable, so I hide them out of sight.”

Additionally, Stauffer-Krause explains that men are fascinated at being ‘primal’ and wanting to escape the roles modern life has on them – which includes wearing clothes.

“Some people just like being naked. You hear about people who sleep naked, clean naked and of course, nudists.”

For some, it is natural to bring a phone in or a magazine to ‘enhance’ the potty experience, why should being in the nude while poo-ing be any different, right?


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Source: Newsweek

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