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Public Universities to Sell Special Number Plates to Alumni to Fund Their Alma Maters



Public Universities Grads Can Get Special Number Plates to Help Fund Their Alma Maters - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Star / FMT

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The lack of funding has always been a problem for many universities, and the implementation of this policy may be of certain help to this problem!

On 19 July, the Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik had announced that special number plates will be sold to alumni of public universities, and the Transport Ministry has agreed on this suggestion, as reported by The Star.

Source: The Star

“Through a JPJ collaboration with the universities, we will try to issue and sell number plates. For example, as a graduate of UM (Universiti Malaya), I want a number plate UM1000, or UM2322. So we will pay JPJ, while half goes to the university,” Dr Mazlee said during a question-and-answer session on education in Shah Alam.

Since this was an unprecedented move, the Education Ministry has urged the alumni to show support to their own universities. #sapot

“If the graduates and alumni don’t help their alma maters, who else will?” he added.

Speaking on the subject of funding, Dr Mazlee guaranteed the universities that the Education Ministry will not cut down their funding, but it can’t guarantee additional funding for them either.

Source: FMT

After learning about this news, netizens had mixed feelings about this policy as some feared that the universities may be roped into corruption practices if there’s a loophole in this policy, while others were more than willing to help out their alma maters.

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