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Racist and Misogynistic Singaporean Man Screams At Ladies for Disrupting His Nap



"I'll Slap You With My Slipper!" Racist Singaporean Man Screamed - World Of Buzz
Source: All Singapore Stuff

Foreign workers always have it real tough. They get separated from their family by thousands of kilometres only to be treated like slaves by other people.

However, one advantage that maids in Singapore have is that they get one or two days off every month. Well, which seems to be the case for this group of Filipino women who were enjoying a nice picnic on their day off at Punggol Drive playground.

However, a horrible man suddenly disrupts their fun. The women were apparently chatting too loudly, which consequently, woke the man up from his afternoon nap. He thought it would be alright to head over and throw some very racist and misogynistic remarks at them.

“You come here to earn a living. You want to laugh, then don’t disturb me. I’m down there, ok!”

“I use my slipper to smack you, ah. Who the f*ck you are? B*stard! You come here to make a living, then you be guai (good). Don’t disturb me ah… I’m sleeping on top.”

“Bastard! You are good in sucking c*ck, ok. You Philippine b*stard! You know how many girls suck my c*ck or not?

“You think you Philippine girl, you’re good ah? Good what… sucking c*ck, ah? I know all the Philippine girls, ok.”

The man sounded very drunk throughout the whole incident as he could be heard slurring. His actions also proved his lack of body coordination.

Watch how the rude guy degraded those poor women here:

Source: All Singapore Stuff

Many netizens were supportive towards the group of innocent ladies. They encouraged them to report such incidents to the police and insulted the man in return.

What would you have done in this situation?

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