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Famous Local Mart Allegedly Sued After Rats Spotted Running on Bread Racks



Rats Spotted Getting Comfy on Bread Racks at Famous Local Mart - World Of Buzz
Source: Shinie Shanker

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Malaysians are known to have stomachs of steel and most of us aren’t so easily susceptible to food poisoning. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t take cleanliness seriously when it comes to food.

On September 4, 2017, a hair-raising video of rats running around racks of breads in a local mart-chain went viral.

The video, which lasted for a minute and 15 seconds, was taken from Shinie Shanker’s car and it depicted a few rats getting cosy amongst all the bread.

She said,

“I was here just now. A mart opposite Giant Bandar Puteri.”

The racks were placed on the walkway of the shop lot, right outside the store. The rats can be seen climbing from one level to another and having a good time.

“The bread rack was full of rats! This is what happens at night. Don’t trust any shop that sells their goods outside. It isn’t safe anymore.”

Perhaps those rodents thought the fluffy baked goods were pillows and wanted to make a nest there or just jump around and have fun.

Of course, as fun as it is to relax on some soft baked-goods, this is in complete violation against the food hygiene and safety regulations. The ministry of health has the right to shut down an establishment or issue a summon to those who violate the law.

After the video went viral, Shinie posted an update that the owner was apparently successfully sued.

“The owner was sued and all goods have been transferred inside, they are not allowed to even put water bottles outside the premises….”

Whether any legal action was really taken or not, at least this is good measure to ensure no rodents get on the food!

Watch the rats ‘jumping around’ in the video here:

Source: Shinie Shanker

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time such a horrible case of pests scurrying around foods have been spotted at this mart. One netizen noticed cockroaches in the shop!

She wrote,

I saw many cockroaches on the racks inside the shop. I told the cashier and she said she has informed the supervisor but they didn’t take any action! I am never stepping into this shop anymore.”

Another netizen shared that she has spotted rodents making a home in these bread racks in a different branch before.

She said,

“Most of these marts with their bread racks placed outside always contain pests – huge ones too! I have never gone back to the one in Ampang.”

Other netizens joked about how it was Remy from Ratatouille who was out ‘grocery shopping’ at night.

Though jokes are fun to be shared, we must remember that these pests could cause serious illnesses and we must take this matter seriously.

Hence, it’s important to always scrutinise our food and do a quick check at premises before purchasing anything. Spread the awareness guys! 


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