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Rawang Man’s Powerbank Catches Fire After He Leaves It In His Car, Destroys It Completely



Rawang Man's Car Completely Destroyed After A Powerbank He Left In His Car Caught Fire - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sin Chew Daily

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For many of us who own cars, we tend to use them as our mobile storage lockers. So whatever it is that we don’t bring with us on our person, we will just wind up leaving it in our cars and go about our merry day. Yes, even some of us in the office here at WoB also have messy cars filled with extra clothes, shoes, bags, etc. But one thing you should never ever do, is leave electronic devices in your car.

Why? Most electronic devices contain batteries, and if you park your car under the sun, these batteries can easily overheat or worse still like in this story reported by Berita Harian, blow up.

In a horrific occurrence that could have been avoidable, a student of Universiti Awam had to learn this lesson the hard way when his Perodua Kancil exploded in a fury of flames and was completely destroyed after fire engulfed the entire vehicle. The incident, which happened in Rawang, Selangor, took place around 1.40 in the afternoon outside the home of the student.

“The owner noticed that smoke was coming out of his car and realised that his power bank had already caught fire.

Despite trying to put it out himself, the flames quickly engulfed the whole car.” said authorities with the emergency services.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt during this incident and the fire was successfully put out.

While the cause of the power bank catching fire may be still unknown at this point, we have to strongly advise all of you out there to bring all your electronic devices out from your car, especially if you park outside in these warmer months just to be safe! 


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