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Real-Life Heroes: Nurses in Wuhan Hospitals Refuse to Quit Despite Being Among Infected Patients



Source: Guangzhou Daily

The death toll in China has risen to 25 deaths and 830 cases due to the Wuhan virus that’s spreading rapidly worldwide.

Hospital staff are put on hectic schedules as more and more people are getting infected each day. This puts them at high risk of contracting the virus themselves as they come into close contact with coronavirus-infected patients.

It has already been reported that about 15 frontline medical staff have been infected with the virus over the course of their duty.

Wuhan Radio and Television broadcast sent a reporter to the heart of the outbreak to document what medical professionals have to go through amidst this epidemic outbreak.

When asked if she was afraid of getting infected, a nurse answered:

“I think I will be fine since I’m quite young… but if I do get the virus, I’m confident my colleagues will save me,” she said.

On top of having to treat infected patients, nurses have to go to great lengths to ensure their safety. They have to wear suits and masks that are stuffy and uncomfortable, and the process of putting it on can take up to 20 minutes.

Nurses also have to change their masks at least once every four hours.

They have to work in three shifts, with the shorter morning shift from 8am to 12pm and the other two shifts that can run up to eight to 10 hours each. They have to do this while wearing the stuffy protective suits.

Additionally, going to the toilet can be a tedious process. Nurses end up cutting down on water and end up drinking water only once every shift so they wouldn’t have to go to the toilet.

One of the nurses who came down with a fever requested to return as soon as possible, which shows the level of dedication they have to their jobs.

These medical personnel have willingly acknowledged that being in a hospital in Wuhan for long periods of time could be one of the most dangerous places to be, but they refuse to desert the people that need their help.

These medical staff who still choose to work despite the outbreak are real heroes. We pray for safety and strength for them in this difficult time. 


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