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Restaurant Suffers Poor Business After Netizens Falsely Claim Ipoh Woman Who Defied Quarantine Ate There



Source: Negeri Sembilan Kini & Restoran Pokok Belacan

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When it comes to social media and news, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that all the facts are present before accusations are made. With information being shared easily on social media, the consequences of jumping to conclusions too quickly can be disastrous.

Such is the price that one local restaurant had to pay after they became embroiled among claims that a Covid-19 positive patient who had went viral for breaching home quarantine was allegedly seen dining at their premises. The claim, which was apparently made by a netizen, led to a viral furor over the selfish act.

Photo of the woman who was seen dining while wearing a quarantine wristband.

News reports that came after the incident have since revealed that the woman who was photographed was in actual fact a Covid-19 patient who had tested positive for the virus and has since been admitted into Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, reports Sinar Harian. The photograph of her eating was said to have been taken on 6th June, when she and her family had stopped for breakfast while en-route to Ipoh from Selangor.

Unfortunately, this lone photograph had led to one restaurant being put under the harsh glare of the public’s spotlight after a netizen had claimed that it was the location where the 72-year-old woman had been seen eating at.

The owner of Restoran Pokok Belacan, where the woman was falsely said to have been dining at, shows how badly their business has been affected.

As you can imagine, once this was aired over social media, patrons of the restaurant immediately dwindled with many likely fearing possible infection should they visit the same restaurant themselves.

However, this was proven to be false as the woman did not in fact eat at the restaurant.

Good food all going to waste.

Diners have been dwindling in numbers.

In light of the false claims, business continues to be increasingly difficult as the restaurant owner goes on to show, with much of their food untouched and going to waste with little to no diners occupying their tables.

“I’m about to close up for the day. Today just isn’t in my favour. Maybe we will try tomorrow.”

“I apologise profusely for sharing the wrong information concerning the woman who was seen dining with a quarantine wristband to my group of friends. I apologise for not checking my facts.”

The netizen who made the claim has since posted an apology to the restaurant owner publicly, which was received amicably.

We hope that this will be a lesson for everyone, whether as members of the media or ourselves as social media users, to ensure that all claims we make online are thoroughly checked prior to being uploaded. You never know how deep words can cut. 


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